Wednesday, December 3, 2014


 photo DSC_1495-29_zps04f97faf.jpg
In an area of DC inundated with big name chains and bustling crowds of people everywhere, Chinatown Coffee Co. is a welcome tourist-free destination a little ways off the beaten path.

I feel like they cycle through more hipster roasters than I cycle through pants in a week (which according to my roommate is not a lot...but that doesn't keep me from being firm believer in rewearing pants).
The lineup? Ranges from Chicago's Intelligentsia, San Francisco's Ritual, Portland's Heart, Vancouver's 49th Parallel, and Denver's Novo. It's okay; I only recognize like less than half of them too. 

 photo DSC_1430-2_zps4ec1399f.jpg
 photo DSC_1441-10_zpsbe93436b.jpg
I always tell myself I should just go for it and try the organic-ethically sourced-uniquely packaged-so overpriced chocolate that these coffee shops sell...yet I never get around to it. I'll keep y'all posted; maybe I'll save my coffee money and get chocolate next time (...yah cause chocolate has caffeine too?!). photo DSC_1432-3col2_zpsa8ba48d1.jpg
It's neat how they serve alcoholic beverages in addition to coffee and tea, though I think sippin' on a cup of coffee in a café would feel more natural for me than a glass of wine. Plus that wine bottle looks mega creepy.  photo DSC_1434-5_zpscb695d31.jpg  photo DSC_1449-15_zps09860ce4.jpg  photo DSC_1456-19_zps80646ec8.jpg
 photo DSC_1528-35_zps277188f7.jpg
Picture above taken by my friend Justin! You should follow his DC food Instagram account if you haven't already :)
 photo DSC_1526-33_zps660b186d.jpg  photo DSC_1445-13_zps7f10c401.jpg
Ranked as one of the top coffee shops in DC by The Washington Post, Washingtonian, and DCist, Chinatown Coffee really does shine through, especially when the only other coffee shop in the vicinity is That Which Must Not Be Named.

The furnishings are by no means fancy and ambiance by no means glamorous, but that's not what we come here for anyways. (Actually, don't come here for the iced coffee either - 'twas mad expensive for what it was.)

Chinatown Coffee Co.
Cafe, $
475 H St NW
Washington, DC 20001

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


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 photo DSC_1614-5_zps1a63221c.jpg
 photo DSC_1607-4_zps14413bc5.jpg
 photo DSC_1622-6_zps74333982.jpgBanana Republic coat | H&M dress | H&M belt | J.Crew necklace | Ralph Lauren boots | Michael Kors watch | James Avery & Diament Jewelry rings

Sooooo I don't think I have any other choice in naming this post considering this outfit is already synonymous with that phrase (hah).

Anyhow, wishing y'all a fabulous and blessed holiday week(end) filled with genuine thanksgiving and uplifting community! I'll be visiting relatives in the glorious land where sunny days and Asian treats abound (Los Angeles), so please do inform me if you have any recommendations on places to go :)

And last but not least, remember calories don't count over Thanksgiving break!!

Friday, November 21, 2014


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 photo DSC_1668-3_zps4cc5a316.jpg
 photo DSC_1630-1_zps7dd07770.jpg
 photo DSC_1728-4_zpsd861f730.jpg
China shirt | Club Monaco pants | Banana Republic trench | J.Crew flats | Forever 21 necklace (thanks Erin!) | Michael Kors watch

Just a short post today, but haaaappy Friday!

Falling leaves and breezy afternoons always excite me becauseguesswhatthatmeans trench weather. Combine that with a flowy blouse and matching pale pink hues of my necklace and shirt lining, and bam, casual outfit for city exploring. Or maybe more like working on a marketing case, but at least venturing off campus always makes homeworking a little more enjoyable.

Monday, November 10, 2014


(By the way, I've created a visual compilation/guide of my cafe adventures aka the new "Where I Coffee" link on the right sidebar wheeee)

I love discovering hidden gems in the Georgetown area. Usually they're places that most people are familiar with but don't think of venturing out to for reasons other than the typical weekend dinner (seriously, that was so last month) - like weekday morning coffee + breakfast bites at Farmers Fishers Bakers!

I guess that also requires you being the type of person to wake up early on a Friday morning for a short trek out to breakfast, but it's so worth it - we're talking a quiet, beautiful morning stroll along the Potomac River waterfront when it feels like there's no one else in the world except you and the other kindred souls out for a casual breakfast (or DC). (Plus they have free wifi so it's laptop friendly too! Only downside is no outlets, so come charged up and ready to go.)

 photo DSC_1061-1_zps0013f2a5.jpg
When I first saw the what are we still in DC?? And in Georgetown to boot?
 photo DSC_1095-15_zpsac69cc75.jpg
 photo DSC_1063-2_zpscf6bd693.jpg
 photo DSC_1066-4_zps5a8cff64.jpg
 photo DSC_1068-5_zps575dcc49.jpg
 photo DSC_1081-9_zpsdeaa2dee.jpg
 photo DSC_1083-10_zps4e626bd4.jpg
 photo 001_zps64a84e18.jpg
Love. this. girl. Not sure where she got that magnifying glass, but here is Meredith lookin' beautiful and as quirky as always. So glad we can talk about anything from our addictions to carrot cake to promotion of the arts to convictions of social justice.
 photo DSC_1075-6_zpsd019238a.jpg
 photo DSC_1077-7_zps2bae0744.jpg
 photo DSC_1079-8_zpse31ff13a.jpg
 photo DSC_1089-12_zpsfb3e379a.jpg
Masterpiece assembled! I don't know what it is about almonds, but they're my new nut of choice when it comes to toppings. There's something about the subtle crunch and light, nutty flavor that perfectly complements anything from oatmeal to froyo to salads.
 photo DSC_1093-13_zps55083a29.jpg
Hopefully one day I'll get around to dinner here - love how they reflect the farm-to-table theme in the decor.
 photo DSC_1087-11_zps32f18421.jpg
 photo DSC_1298-18_zpsff40c842.jpg
Also love this girl! Eunice, you have such a beautiful heart, and I'm so glad we met this year. I'm definitely looking forward more life adventures and discoveries in Christ together - ain't no school boundaries gon keep us apart hehe.
 photo DSC_1065-3_zpsdf734285.jpg photo DSC_1097-16_zps3b9e4aeb.jpg
Yes, that's a (very unnecessary?) bathtub + showerhead ensemble right outside the bathroom. I hope they reuse that water.
 photo DSC_1094-14_zps3b887c8b.jpg
Andddd a picture of the bar. Just because the colors are pretty.

Farmers Fishers Bakers
American (New), $$
3000 K Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20007

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Considering my bout of pre-8am class inspiration to write this for the weekly prayer meeting email, I figured I might as well post it (I still continually surprise myself by how much of a morning person I am lol). (And for y'all that get the email, I edited it! So feel free to read version 2.0 haha.)

Question of the day:

What does the gospel mean to you?

One of the first words that personally comes to mind is JOY - that's something that every human being can experience and relate to, regardless of knowing Christ.

We can all experience happiness and joy; moreover, we all want it. As the saying goes, you can always find joy in the little things, right? In the way that random stranger tells you your smile looks beautiful or there's just enough toilet paper in the roll for you to finish off. Or maybe those don't it cut for you and you look to the "big" things for joy - lasting, meaningful relationships, fulfilling careers and such.

But in the end, nothing quite lives up to what you expect it to be; there's no sense of joy that we could ever take away from this earth to satisfy our soul's longing for wholeness and fulfillment. In the end, no matter how much you've experienced without Christ, what we have and know in Christ is so much more - for our idea of fullness and joy is not the world's idea. When we realize that we live in the light of a sacrifice so deep, a salvation so undeserved, a cross so meaningful, how could we not rejoice in the truth of it all? This newfound joy we have through rebirth in Christ is indescribable, it's uncontainable, it's incomparable to anything we could ever know on this earth.

That's the difference; that's what we should naturally radiate - a joy that knows no bounds even in all our troubles (2 Corinthians 7:4). Just like how we gravitate towards Him and His love, when we likewise overflow outwards with what He's filled our hearts with, others will gravitate towards His joy manifest in us!

We're called to genuinely live life with everyone God surrounds us with here on this earth. What should set us apart is when we love in such a conspicuous way that people see there's something special consistently drives you, and this something keeps drawing them towards you. Maybe they'll see that they gotta have it too, and maybe they'll even ask you what it is.
"It's God. Call me crazy, but it's God. It's knowing Him and living the life that He wants me to live." (Pastor Pete Chung you da best)
This is joy that transcends cultural and ethnic boundaries, love that mends brokenness and suffering, passion carried out through action and service, and true satisfaction and security from knowing that we live life to serve Him.

That's what the gospel should inspire: the gospel and the cross are what should naturally compel us to live conspicuously in the light of a radical new hope.

Saturday, November 8, 2014


Designed a logo for our church's college ministry!! (Website updated too!) Broadly speaking, I drew inspiration from the holy trinity, cycles of students, completion through Christ, and the expansiveness of God. (Also, SALT stands for Seekers After Living Truth.)

Friday, November 7, 2014


This place is hella classy for finger food. 

I always learn a lot about people when I eat Ethiopian - from discovering if they have trypophobia to seeing how unattractively they can eat droopy African burritos. The mystery meat Monday experience is always interesting too; I don't think I ever know what's going into my mouth (at least it tastes good?). 

 photo DSC_0695-1_zps2fa26126.jpg
 photo DSC_0696-2_zps900d57e9.jpg
 photo DSC_0697-3_zps1d3fa838.jpg
 photo DSC_0700-4_zpsfffe0e6a.jpg
 photo DSC_0704-5_zpsa2a052c6.jpg

We got the chicken and beef sampler and veggie sampler! The food was fine and the flavors characteristically spicy and pungent, but you're moreso paying for the ambiance here. Go to Dukem (or any other casual Ethiopian place) and you'll get food just as good for a price waaay more good. I personally don't think there's much reason to pay such a premium when you're leaving with the same full stomach and stanky fingers.

Das Ethiopian
Ethiopian, $$
1201 28th St NW
Washington, D.C. 20007

Monday, November 3, 2014


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 photo DSC_1424-3_zpse9010ce7.jpg
 photo DSC_1412-2_zps69fa16a7.jpg
Express shirt | Forever 21 tank + shorts | Chocolate Schubar shoes | Unbranded necklace | Michael Kors watch

Alas, fall is coming. I figured this day was probably the last warm day of the season, so I had originally planned to wear a dress....until realizing I had plans to study out in the city that night, and let's be real you gotta be as comfy + cozy as you can get when facing a brutal night out of accounting.

And yes, pictured is DC's Chinatown! It's sadly not very characteristic of Chinese culture - largely due to unfavorable rent rates, safety issues, and business environments over the past few decades (much of the original Chinese population has moved to the Maryland/Virginia suburbs). Though saturated with national food and retail chains, it's a vibrant and interesting area nonetheless. It's funny how there's still a lot of Chinese everywhere due to a city requirement to post all identifying signage in Chinese characters...well, I'm glad I can at least take pride in knowing I can unnecessarily read 星巴克 to track down Starbucks.

Also, if y'all are interested in holiday bazaars, I would recommend the annual Downtown Holiday Market (11/28-12/23) that's put on right outside the National Portrait Gallery (like a block down from the Chinatown metro stop)! Rows of white tents and specialty arts + crafts / food exhibits - I'm definitely counting down until holiday festivities begin.

Sunday, November 2, 2014


U Street serves up some solid coffee bars. (And since TCB also borders Logan Circle, it's perfect if you're into hipsta art galleries coughmichelle.)

The only downer here is the rather minimalist food/pastry selection, but then again simplicity over variety is also a nice refresher at times. Tables, couches, sofa chairs, and outdoor seating (plus ample outlets yas!!) - from essay toiling to solo book dates to casual catchups, you're covered for every occasion.

 photo DSC_0666-3_zps3d701165.jpg
Almond croissants and iced coffee will always make philosophy paper writing a little more enjoyable.
 photo DSC_0670-5_zps02f0df87.jpg
Love the rustic touch of the pastry window (don't love how it makes all the pastries even more tempting...). Also love the graphic detailing on the back wall (betcha never seen a coffee flowchart before!). 
 photo DSC_0661-1_zps5586a712.jpg
 photo DSC_0667-4_zpsff5de023.jpg
 photo DSC_0664-2_zps01e01546.jpg
 photo DSC_0671-6_zps25ed7cef.jpg

The Coffee Bar
Café, $
1201 S St NW
Washington, D.C. 20009