Monday, June 1, 2015


Hello hello! Just a short little note:

I will be in China during June and thus MIA for a bit - the government's been cracking down on its technology restrictions so even gmail might be rough. (Though I'm glad for a breather from the endless streams of social media blasts, I am unashamed to say I'm still holding out hope for my beloved channel of square-shaped picture optimization.) I will, however, be brushing up my Chinese instant messaging skills on WeChat (and perhaps LINE?), so if you have any of those, please do feel free to reach out and remind me that there is civilization on the other side of the muggy masses of pollution (don't get me wrong, I really do love China).

I'll be in Europe in July so the great undervalued privilege of free speech access shall be returned to me then, but communication on my end will likely still be sporadic.

Please bask in the glory of high pressure showers & toilets for me, and I will in turn consume too many carbs for my body to handle for y'all.

Saturday, May 30, 2015


There are many reasons why I love Dallas - a few of which include cheap gas, cheap steak, and the acceptance (or rather, expectance) of sporting the tees & nikes dress code anywhere you go.

But of course we also know how to balance sass and class, so let's talk about this whole expanding arts scene business. You could liken Bishop Arts District to Uptown/Arts District's more down-to-earth sister - just swap out the well-groomed parks for character-filled brick walls and high-budget performance venues for independent art galleries. (Plus some of the establishments are designed by local firm Stash Design, woohoo!) Whether you have an afternoon or a day to fill, here are some of my recommendations for the area. Now go forth and art. (Or food, whichever you prefer.)

Thursday, May 21, 2015


It's summer!! Aka the perfect time to make good on that "read more" resolution you made at the beginning of every the year.

I'm all about variety in allll things in life (my one exception would be all them fancy bubble tea flavors, will order classic black tea till the day I die), so I hope this summer reading list covers a good assortment of genres - all have also been bestsellers at some point in time (if they're not still) so I'm not pitching any of that obscure-indie-book jazz. But they've got to be bestsellers for a reason right?

Anddd my answer is a resounding yes - presenting my 7 must read books for summer:

Thursday, May 14, 2015


College is a funny little thing. You think you're getting the hang of it, and then up comes a curveball (or several) and then like what just happened who am I how does one carry on. Presenting the second annual (& very condensed) installment of what I've learned from goes.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Breakfast Skillet Hash photo Abfastskillet_zpseoki1n6s.jpg
Breakfast Skillet Hash photo DSC_3669-78_zpschladqiv.jpg

Sometimes the most beautiful things in life are born from spontaneity. Like from a need to rid my refrigerator of any and allll the foods before winter break combined with yet another college instinct to minimize any and allll the dishes. (Resourcefulness at its finest, folks.)

Breakfast Skillet Hash photo DSC_3684-83_zpscetwjfqk.jpg
So I just realized I ended up outlining a procedure even though this was supposed to be a "no recipe" kind of dealwhoops? No matter though cause nothin's stopping you from inviting a few friends over (like me please?) and have a yummies and healthies best meal of the day together! Seriously, it doesn't get much easier.
Eggs: 1-2 per person
Starches: a couple good sized sweet potatoes or potatoes
Greens: a bunch of spinach, mesclun or kale
Mushrooms, sliced
Salt & pepper, to taste (or cinnamon for sweet potatoes!)
1. Heat oven to 400°F and bake sweet potato (pierce a few times with a fork) for about 15-20 minutes (basically just enough to soften it because I am a weakling at cutting raw potato).
2. Set aside a large skillet to hold errythang.
3. In a smaller pan, scramble eggs and pour into big mama skillet.
4. Stir fry mushrooms, add in greens, and add to mama skillet.
5. Dice sweet potato, stir fry until soft enough to chew, and add to the skillet of wealth.
6. Gather 'round like it's a campfire and dig in (like we said, we're all for plate minimization).

Monday, March 16, 2015


 photo DSC_1995-32_zpsoxneaots.jpg Guys, our food scene is upping its game (!!)...slowly but surely. With multiple outposts in Philly, NY, and Chicago, La Colombe has finally made its way to its first DC dig whaddup. You'd definitely have to be looking for it to find it though - true to hip café fashion, it's tucked away in a hidden alleyway in a conspicuously gentrifying area of town.

Though La Colombe crowds up easily, I like how the no-wifi deal solidifies the sense of retreat from the city. (And lesbireal, we could also always be a little less attached to our technological devices.)
 photo DSC_2010-43_zpsptmew7gx.jpg
 photo DSC_2001-37_zpspg19gp6q.jpg
 photo DSC_2005-40_zpsdrvr9es8.jpg
Like chemistry class but better since there are no lab reports involved. Just pour over contraptions that I always consider ordering from but never do because I always opt for the cheaper alternatives (perhaps a sign that I will never attain true coffee snob self-actualization).
 photo DSC_2038-49_zpshno56nvo.jpg
 photo DSC_2040-50_zps0fndmp5j.jpg
Apparently La Colombe is too hip for a menu, but you can never go wrong with lattes and hot chocolate - the flavors run deep and the mugs run artsy here. (Extra holla for coffee art even on the hot chocolate!!)